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Am Spandaukanal - KunstCampus -Europacity Berlin - léonwohlhage architects, 2017

Art photography

Photographic moods Most photos are available both in black & white or color mood treatments.Read more about your black & white Prints from our highly recommended printing services: Select your desired digital photographic mood or version and your desired (printing) size when ordering at checkout. Below: example of an…

Dances (Hommage a Trévisse) [158 x 93 cm] Acrylic on fine linen © Prosper Jerominus, 2015

Fine art and media

Art and mixed media by Prosper Jerominus   Buy paintings at the online shop    

Book + DVD 'Fotografo a su pesar' © Arquia/ Documental 32 Fundacion Arquia, 2016

Video editing and subtitling

Video editing   Editing & subtitling Documentary View on Vimeo contact us here Guest book   Documentary project Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé 2013, Video 22′   View the TRAILER from Kinokast on Vimeo       A photographer’s reflexions on modern architecture in independant India.Réflexions sur l’architecture moderne dans…

'Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé' (video doc, 2013)

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Siemensstadt Housing Estate - Berlin - Großsiedlung Siemensstadt - Zeilenbauten Paul Rudolf Henning architect 1929–31 Unesco World Heritage (2008) © Prosper Jerominus 2018
k i n o k a s t
‘Believe those who seek the truth, doubt those who find it.’ ― André Gide, 1952

In his 1995 essay “Eternal Fascism”, cultural theorist Umberto Eco lists fourteen general properties of fascist ideology. He argues that it is not possible to organise these into a coherent system, but that “it is enough that one of them be present to allow fascism to coagulate around it”. He uses the term “Ur-fascism” as a generic description of different historical forms of fascism. The fourteen properties are as follows:…

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