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Exhibition: ‘Vrai sans blanc’

October 2014 – June-2015

Galerie Café Nord-Sud
Auguststraße 87
10117 Berlin (Mitte)

See the full  booklet (2015)

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Film projects

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Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé


(22′) OV (French spoken) st EN
Film project

Kinokast installation and video production, 1993-2013

Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (official poster, 2013)
Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (official poster, 2013)

Watch the official Trailer (4′)

Watch the film (22′)

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Photography projects

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Lucien Hervé in his studio
Paris 1995
Jerominus 1995

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Between BlackandWhite_book 10 booklet COMBINED consecutive pages WEB 72_img_17

Serie Le Couvent de La Tourette
Evreux-sur-Arbresles, France
Le Corbusier architect
Jerominus 1994


Video editing and subtitles

We edit, translate and subtitle video productions.

Subtitling projects from and into: English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands

From our multi-lingual professional backgrounds, we can translate and subtitle your productions into the target languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands.

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Video editing