Prosper Jerominus

Photographer, artist, designer, educator and coach

Architecture photography, user experience design and visual design - Jerome Bertrand a.k.a. Prosper Jerominus


Next to designing, teaching and coaching user experience (ux) and user interface (ui) design, Jérôme Bertrand (artist pseudo: Prosper Jerominus) is creating art photography and mix media that attempt to form and rise the eye.

As life-long practitioner, designer and artist, my areas of predilections are architectural and social/ societal subjects with a hang on abstract art and figurative documentations.

I have recently started a thematic visual work revolving around the ideas of nature-culture. In this work I research human induced pollution as displayed in the natural landscape not primarily as a guilt-reminder but rather as tangible, open statements about our human living of desirability. Don’t we all love our Dear pollution?

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My photography

I have specialised in original art photography for high quality prints output with UK and German partner, theprintspace.

theprintspace delivers my photos in several museum-grade quality print options via drop shipping worldwide (Free shipping in the EEA).

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Inspirational learnings

My biggest inspiration has been working and learning from my friend and guide the great french-hungarian (Le Corbusier’s) architecture photographer Lucien Hervé (1910-2007).

I have produced and directed a short documentary film about Lucien Herve’s work with Le Corbusier in the Indian city of Chandigarh (1959).
Watch the Trailer below.

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User experience and user interface design, tenure
Bootcamp courses Lead teacher/ mentor,
Berlin 2021, 2022

Visual design teacher/ mentor, tenure
University of Breda (AVANS), Amsterdam (HvA)

Communication design and game design visualisation, tenure
University of Breda, The Netherlands

Communication design and game design visualisation, BA and MA courses
University of Hilversum, The Netherlands


senior UX UI designer

Project-based user experience and user interface design, coaching on-the-job,
Berlin, 2015 – present

Co-founder and owner geogames BV

CEO, Marketing, Content and UX design
Award winning Google Earth 3D, LBS startup
The Netherlands, 2005-2010

senior visual designer

Visual design team lead
In-company professional coach
The Netherlands, 1998-2006


Essay on the subjects of inter-passivity in architecture and the photographic framing.


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