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How to Buy a Photograph

  1.  Select Options for the Print Quality  for the Photograph you wish to Buy (Some Print Qualities available: Print 1. Professional/ Press (A4-A2), Print 2. Home and Office (A4), Poster 3. Fine art/ Exhibition (A0) or Poster 4. Home / Office (A1)), follow the Add To Cart to Checkout.
  2.  Choose a Photo  from any Gallery and Fill the exact Photograph’sor Poster’s name at Checkout (down to the left in the ‘Order Notes’: ‘Additional Information’)
    With no Correct name for the Photo (all words you see before the © symbol in the Name), your order will unfortunately not be processed. Note the names as you go!

A fast alternative is to Buy a Photo directly from the  Shop  


Go over the photo or artwork and note its Full Name to give at the checkout page, like so:

3 People – Piétinements Photography – Mixed Media Print Long format [211cm x 36cm] 

Contact form

For enquiries about a specific Photo, a Serie or a Project, please fill and send the form below. Thank you.

Your privacy is very important to us. We comply to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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