Blogging again?

Just one day before September 1st, here is a new start for me on  k i n o k a s t . o r g , a motion cabinet.

And here is a photo… to express a fresh start!  And Mc Solaar new tune Sonotone at Deezer. Fits completely!

A fresh start © Prosper Jerominus, 2014
A fresh start
© Prosper Jerominus, 2014

What, Blogging again?

This website grows as I am adding content. Come back regularly to see new stuff!

I have concentrated my attention this time on creating more of a Web Gallery type of site for showcasing my works and projects. Some of this work is published (nice to show off sometimes!). Some is not (or not yet). It is an on-going effort to put some good order into this little motion cabinet (inside) and show and interact with the world (outside). This blog starts off the redesigned  k i n o k a s t . o r g  website.

Sounds a lot like you mean ‘Plain Communication’, hugh?

I am also currently testing and adding some Shop/ Purchase functionalities to the site to make my work, Photographs and Paintings, available directly as digital files.

Start there to see my Photography. The Shop is also a good start!

Jerominus at  k i n o k a s t . o r g

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