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Le Corbuseir Lucien Herve Contacts 2012

Le Corbusier | Lucien Hervé | Contacts  Seuil, 2011 on Amazon.


The book Le Corbusier | Lucien Hervé | Contacts (Seuil, 2011) is one of the most beautiful reading on Lucien Hervé’s collaborative work with Le Corbusier. Some very interesting articles with great original documents are a testimony of the intricate relations between Architecture and Photograhy – as invented by the two modernist masters.

Read about the Agnes B. New York exhibition of Vintage photographs “Le Corbusier in India” (May-July 2013).


The book is an initiative of Judith Hervé-Elkan and features articles from Michel Richard, Quentin Bajac, Béatrice Andrieux and Jacques Sbriglio.


Photo insert: Capitol of Chandigarh, India.
© 1961, Lucien Hervé.

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