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We edit, translate and subtitle video productions.

Subtitling projects from and into: English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands

From our multi-lingual professional backgrounds, we can translate and subtitle your productions into the target languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands.

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Video editing

Book: Le Corbusier Lucien Hervé Contacts

Le Corbuseir Lucien Herve Contacts 2012

Le Corbusier | Lucien Hervé | Contacts  Seuil, 2011 on Amazon.


The book Le Corbusier | Lucien Hervé | Contacts (Seuil, 2011) is one of the most beautiful reading on Lucien Hervé’s collaborative work with Le Corbusier. Some very interesting articles with great original documents are a testimony of the intricate relations between Architecture and Photograhy – as invented by the two modernist masters.

Read about the Agnes B. New York exhibition of Vintage photographs “Le Corbusier in India” (May-July 2013).


The book is an initiative of Judith Hervé-Elkan and features articles from Michel Richard, Quentin Bajac, Béatrice Andrieux and Jacques Sbriglio.


Photo insert: Capitol of Chandigarh, India.
© 1961, Lucien Hervé.

Architecture & film

OBA 2007-2012 Een beeld van architectuur – An image of architecture from Jerome Bertrand on Vimeo.

Dutch spoken, short version (15′)

YouTube HD at:

2012. Video 15′
An image of architecture (Een beeld van Architectuur)
Talks by master architect Jo Coenen with Communication Media Design and photography students (Breda, NL). An image of architecture was filmed at the OBA (Public Library Amsterdam) for the library’s 5th year’s day.

Dutch spoken. This video is in the process of being subtitled in English and French.