New Project: Walking to Unity

On the Day of Unity, two things made me start a new Project. First, photographing walking people – as in demonstrating or participating physically in public events – and then the overal Critique about East-West German divide, which is in many ways remarquable in its historical bias and simple social and political denials.

See photos of  Project WALKING TO UNITY 

As for getting to thinking about this divide in Contemporary German culture, some opinions, sources and thoughts below.

Why Is Eastern Germany So Far Right?

Opinion from the New York Times article online by Anna SauerbreyOct. 4, 2018 

Ms. Sauerbrey is an editor on the opinion page of the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

Almost 30 years after reunification, the former Communist region is now home to right-wing extremism.


Overall, however, the debate about what’s happening in the east is dominated by western voices. Even 28 years after Germany’s reunification, most prominent journalists are westerners, as are most prominent policymakers and business leaders.

So when Germany discusses why the east is so far right, condescension almost inevitably sneaks in: For the sake of the argument, eastern Germany is unbuckled from the rest of the country, and the historical border is redrawn. In this new, old divide, eastern Germans are reduced to being subjects of analysis and policy proposals — never participants in the conversation.

The east and west are still like unequal siblings. The strong one loves his smaller and uglier brother and accepts that his deviant behavior comes from trauma, but he still looks down on him. This subjugation of eastern Germans to mostly western German psychoanalysis is a political drama in itself. It seems like even in their most violent, most determined actions, eastern Germans can never be agents.




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Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé

Documentary film
OV st EN


Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (TRAILER) from Kinokast on Vimeo.


Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (official poster, 2013)
Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (official poster, 2013)

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Video editing for the adaptation of the video installation of the same name produced by Kinokast in 1993 and directed by Jérome Bertrand and Martin van den Oever. The work was shown at the traveling exhibition ‘Chandigarh 40 ans après Le Corbusier’.
The newly produced film adaptation (2013) was selected for the Millenium Documentary Film Festival 2013  opening (April 26) at the CIVA exhibition Bruxelles: Le Corbusier and Photography. Construire l’image / Het beeld opbouwen.


TRAILER Detective Conan 09

Trailer editing for Episode 09 of the Japanese detective manga series, video editing

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TRAILER Detective Conan 10

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TRAILER Michiko & Hatchin

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Promotion Video for the ‘Märchenhütte’ theater of Berlin. Animation and editing.

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Der Drache – The Dragon

Community Theater Company “Die Unsichtbaren” plays “The dragon” by Yevgeny Yevtushenko,
11′ sequences from a film of 2 hours, video editing

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OBA 2007-2012 Een beeld van architectuur – An image of architecture from Jerome Bertrand on Vimeo.

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2012. Video 15′
An image of architecture (Een beeld van Architectuur)
Talks by master architect Jo Coenen with Communication Media Design and photography students (Breda, NL). An image of architecture was filmed at the OBA (Public Library Amsterdam) for the library’s 5th year’s day.

Dutch spoken. This video is in the process of being subtitled in English and French.