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Posters: Blancs 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, Digital file (in 2 options)

 115,00 325,00 (inc. VAT)

Posters Introduction Price 2017

Buy your Poster in High Quality Print file for € 57,50 (till end of this year!): 50% Discount

Use the Coupon ‘poster2017’ to get your Poster as a High Quality Print file with 50% Discount on the (Sale) Price 

Normal Prices:

Select your Print Quality Option below:

  • Print Quality 1. Professional (€ 325,00) or
  • Print Quality 1. Home/ Office (€ 115,00)

Please fill the Name of the Poster(s) you wish to buy a Print file for at Checkout (in the ‘Order Notes’):

  1. Blanc 1
  2. Blanc 2
  3. Blanc 3
  4. Blanc 4
  5. Blanc 5
  6. All Blancs: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

For example: Poster Blanc 1, would be the poster shown below.

Alternatively, please fill the form below, and click Add to cart.

Please fill the Poster Name(s) in the Field labelled:  ‘Name of photograh(s)’

For example: Poster Blanc 1, would be the poster shown above.

How to Proceed?

Check your Email to follow the completion of this Order. The Digital Poster will be available to registered users as a Downloadable file, upon completion of Full Payment.

Go to My Downloads on the  k i n o k a s t . o r g  website under the My Account section.

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When you wish to buy all 5 Posters at once with 15% Discount, just type all their numbers, like so: ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5’. You can then Buy all 5 Posters with a Reduction of 15% Extra. Use the Coupon at Checkout (extra): allposters

Use the Coupon ‘poster2017’ to get your Poster in a Professional quality Print file with 50% Discount on the (Sale) Price 

Choose your Print Quality:

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Any problem with the Purchase? Contact me using this contact form

Print Quality Overview

Print Quality 1 . Professional

Digital Poster/ Photo for Professional quality Publication and /or for a High Quality Exhibition Print, at Regular Price:

€ 325,00

Print Quality 2. Home/ Office

Digital Poster/ Photo in Home/ Office Print quality resolution in 240dpi, at a Reduced Price:

€ 325,00 € 115,00

The digital Photograph is delivered exclusively online via  k i n o k a s t . o r g  (Shop) and/ or via Email.

What you Get

Example Files sent to you by Email and/ or Download upon ordering the Poster

You will receive example files via Email and/or under your Account to acknowledge that your Order has been received and is processing.
Upon completion and after Full Payment is received by the Seller including All your Local applicable VAT (GST) Taxes (more information below), the Full item will be made available to you for Download under your Account

Go to My Downloads on the  k i n o k a s t . o r g  website.

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Additional information

Poster Print Quality

Poster Print Quality 1. Professional, Poster Print Quality 2. Office/ Home

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