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The German Historical Museum, Berlin – I. M. Pei architect (1917 –2019) Light stairs – (color) C-type Fudji Gloss

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printed on C-Type Gloss

Deutsche Historische Museum, Berlin – I. M. Pei architect (1917 –2019) Light stairs – (color + black & white) © Jerominus 2019 – Pei – reflection cov2v1JPG 240 full01 C-type Fudji Gloss © Jerominus 2019

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The German Historical Museum, known by the acronym DHM, is a museum in Berlin, Germany devoted to German history. It describes itself as a place of “enlightenment and understanding of the shared history of Germans and Europeans”. It is often viewed as one of the most important museums in Berlin and is one of the most frequented. The museum is located in the Zeughaus (armoury) on the Unter den Linden as well as in the adjacent Exhibition Hall designed by I. M. Pei.

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