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 35,00 (inc. VAT)

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You will get Access to the following two downloadable IMAGE files (in resolutions: 72dpi and 240dpi) under your Account upon completing your Order online. These two Demo Photographs could look like those below, and will attest that your Order has been received and is Processing.

Please make sure you Fill the Photo’s NAME in the Form below (or at Checkout) to receive the correct Photo with this Order. You will only receive the Photograph you wish to buy after Full Payment is received by the Seller AND if you have stated your Intention to Purchase a Photograph via the FORM (below) and given its CORRECT NAME.


We will only respond to Claims to remove the Watermark and send the photo in the correct Print Quality after Full payment (including any Price Reduction that applies) has been received and the Form has been received stating your Purchase Intention and the Photograph’s Full Name.


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This Photograph will be sent to you by Email after Your Purchase is complete and Full payment has been received (All Prices are EU VAT, GST excluded). More on Calculating EU Tax Rates in the Description below.


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Read this Notice first

All photographs available are downloadable as a digital file in web resolution (72 dpi) for free, after completing your online order here for the item(s) (and NO Watermark) at Reduced Price. There is NO PRINT service available, nor Shipping.

All Photographs purchased at Reduced Price are delivered as a Digital File ONLY, at Print resolution 240dpi.

Please note that all digital Photographs you may directly Download after Full payment is received still retain a Full Copyright Watermark and are in LOW RESOLUTION (less or equal to 240dpi). The following CC license is still applying: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

How to remove the Watermark from your purchased photo?

You cannot remove the Watermark from the downloadable digital photo. Instead, the Digital Photograph(s) will be sent to you in the Purchased Print Quality and Correct Resolution by Email, with the Watermark removed for you.

When you haven’t given the Full name for a Photograph via the Form below, you can do it later. To receive the Digital Photo in the Print Quality you have purchased and with the Watermark removed, please contact me here when you haven’t before.

Taxes (EU VAT, GST)

The Full payment is including your local Taxes of Purchase (VAT/MwSt/ TVA/ BTW/ or else), when applicable.

Different local Tax Rates may apply to online Purchases, according to the country you are buying from and the type of Rate (Reduced or Standard VAT, New European Regulations, 2015). Your local Tax will be calculated for you automatically, based on Standard or Reduced EU Rates. So you don’t need to worry about anything. All Prices are VAT / GST Included.

Please refer to the VAT Calculator, here to understand which Tax Rate (Standard or Reduced) will apply to your Purchase.

More Information

In case you missed it, the new rules for EU VAT (2015) require that anyone selling digital content in the EU charge VAT at the rate of the customer’s country (previously it was at the seller’s rate), and we must collect two non conflicting pieces of evidence that you, the customer, is in that country. We do this by collecting a Credit Card or PayPal billing address and usually Your computer IP address. Non of this information will be given to anyone without prior consent.

Only after Full online payment is received for the item (including the correct VAT Tax amount/ rate, per country of Purchase), will the item be sent to you by email as a Digital file in higher resolution (240 dpi) and with no Watermark.

The photograph is then and only then duly signed and dated by the author (Prosper Jerominus) and will NOT display the Full Watermark Copyright Kinokast logo over it,so you may Publish it or Exhibit it freely under the following CC Creative Commons License:

Commercial License

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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