Winter walk – Jewish Museum Berlin – Daniel Libeskind architect, 1993-1999 – ID: 163711 (all sizes)

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Winter walk – Jewish Museum Berlin – Daniel Libeskind architect, 1993-1999

Winter walk – Jewish Museum Berlin
Daniel Libeskind architect, 1993-1999
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The architect Daniel Libeskind (1946) and the Museum

Daniel Libeskind, the son of Shoah survivors, was born in the Polish city of Łódź in 1946. The family emigrated to Israel in 1957 and then moved to the United States in 1960, where Daniel Libeskind became an American citizen. He had started studying music while in Israel, which he continued in the United States before switching to architecture.

The Jewish Museum Berlin and Daniel Libeskind have a very close relationship. The museum was the first building project by the American architect and urban planner that was actually built, between 1993 and 1999. Conversely, the museum owes its prominence in part to Libeskind’s spectacular design, which has attracted countless visitors from Germany and abroad.




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