AAm Spandaukanal - KunstCampus -Europacity Berlin - léonwohlhage architects, 2017Am Spandaukanal - KunstCampus -Europacity Berlin - léonwohlhage architects, 2017
Select from color and black and white versions.
Example: Kinokast digital photos are often available in distinct color moods.
Select version and (DIN) format when ordering at the Webshop.

Create a Kinokast Photo Calendar 2021 Now!
Special offer: € 195*

Have your original 2021 Photo Calendar beautifully printed and shipped around the world via WhiteWall printing online services.

Let me help create your 2021 Photo Calendar? Choose your own selection of 12 photos from the Kinokast Webshop. Questions? Just ask me here

* This price

  • includes (your country’s) taxes VAT (GST)
  • x 12 digital photos (one for each month only must be numbererd), at printing size and quality ‘Print 2’
  • Calendar Order via Whitewall is not included
  • The amount of € 195 is paid in full to Kinokast in front, before ordering the Photo Calendar from Whitewall


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