Energy Flow mirrors Cube Berlin #2 3XN, Copenhagen, 2020

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The Photo Projects present some of the work I’ve produced, organised by Project theme or event. To consult me for your Photography project or idea, ask me for a contribution to your exhibition(s) or publication(s), please contact me here

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Review Project  WALKING TO UNITY 

“The subjugation of eastern Germans to mostly western German psychoanalysis is a political drama in itself.”

(Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times Opinion article ‘Why Is Eastern Germany So Far Right?’ Oct. 4, 2018)




Review Project OFFSIDE

Re-appropriation of Berlin’s urban heritage



See more photos of  Berlin anti-AfD Demonstration (27.05.2018)

‘Stop the hatred, stop the AfD’ (German: ‘Stoppt den Hass! Stoppt die AfD!’)




Go to Serie  Berlin Architecture 


See more  Photo Series 




How to get a Museum Quality Print file? (Size A0-A1)

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