Project: anti-AfD Demonstration Berlin

‘Stop the hatred, stop the AfD’ (May 27, 2018)

‘Stoppt den Hass! Stoppt die AfD!’

‘Stop the hatred, stop the AfD’, massive anti-right demonstration, Berlin on May 27th 2018
More than 25.000 supporters (according to Police) from up to 17 different marches across the city and walking towards the Brandenburg Tor, Pariser Platz, were protesting under a hot Berlin sun against the AfD demonstration.
Many waving rainbow flags and carrying banners with messages such as “no to racism” and “go away, Nazis”, while chanting “the whole of Berlin is against the AfD”. One group was ‘Omas gegen Rechts’ (‘Grandmas against Right’). The ‘Against AfD’ supporters of all age and tenure where many and funny, again a living proof of Germany’s great human diversity and rich democratic tradition.

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‘Stop the hatred, stop the AfD’

(Berlin, May 27th)

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