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Buy Live Preview (free)

Buying Art online is easy: Check it out before Buying! 

Take a minute to test the Buy Live Preview.

 1,00 (inc. VAT)Read more

This test will show you exactly how to make a Purchase online – at no risk of making any Payment yet.

Add the Coupon ‘phototest’ at Checkout to Test your Buy Live Preview Purchase for FREE. You will see that the Price is put to € 0,00 for this item.

Click on the Select Options Button. You can then Select Print Quality options, Proceed to Add to cart and to Checkout. Claim your Coupon ‘phototest’ at Checkout to put Your Price to € 0,00.

Then Order the FREE Buy Live Preview item. That Simple.

Ask me directly when you have a question or comment. And of course, you are welcome to buy Full Photographs in the Shop

– Enjoy the Discovery

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