Mapping UI-UX Concept Engagement UX Insurance Calculators Use Case Jerome Bertrand 2017

UI/ UX design Project: Engagement for Mobile Insurer

As I recently worked on a UX design project for a Mobile Insurance Calculator, I decided to focus more on user engagement (UX) and UI Responsive Prototyping in Axure RP 8. The result of this process is demonstrated among other things in a Responsive Prototype showing the Final design in 3 adaptive views or versionsRead more “UI/ UX design Project: Engagement for Mobile Insurer”

Book + DVD 'Fotografo a su pesar' © Arquia/ Documental 32 Fundacion Arquia, 2016

Published work


‘Between black and white – timeless photography’

A closer look into the learnings of architecture photographer Lucien Hervé.

Jérôme Bertrand © 1992-2011 (alias Jerominus).

Zonnestraal Sanatorium (estate) Hilversum Netherlands Architect Jan Duiker © Prosper Jerominus, 2002

Architecture photography

More architecture photography Request information about a Photograph here.   Select your desired Photo Print Quality below. Be sure to give me the Correct Name for the Photograph at Checkout! Print Quality 1 . Professional Digital Photo for Professional quality Publication and /or for a High Quality Exhibition Print (No Print included), at Regular Price: Print Quality 2.Read more “Architecture photography”