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Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé
2013, Video 22′

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OV st EN (French spoken, English subtitles)

Montage: Beatrix Günther
Translation & subtitling:
Jérôme Bertrand, Beatrix Günther

Production: k i n o k a s t, 2013

A photographer’s reflexions on modern architecture in independant India.
Réflexions sur l’architecture moderne dans l’Inde indépendante.

Watch the trailer  here


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How to subtitle your Video production

  1. Make a transcript of all spoken text/ dialogue and additional information which needs translating. Choose the target language. We can translate and subtitle your productions into the target languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, from any one of them. For specific projects (e.g. scientifical or otherwise specialised language, please contact us). We also can transcript the original video first when this is required.
  2. Design and produce the subtitles that will match your production style and audience’s expectations.
  3. Review the production with you to check and double check possibly with language expert third parties the result before end production.
  4. End production of subtitled video to target digital video format (e.g. offline/ online media, social media, i.e your YouTube Channel)

Example of subtitling work:

TV documentary, translated German into English, subtitle editing.

Video Editing & subtitling

Video Documentary



The name  k i n o k a s t  stems from the words: Kino (kine or kino, Greek-English prefix referring to motion – later Cinema), and Kast (meaning ‘chest’,  ‘closet’ or ‘cabinet‘, in Dutch).
‘k i n o k a s t’ hints at an imaginary secret space – much like a dark room or a Pandora box waiting to be open.

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